Over VCCN Minisymposium Product Cleanliness 2021

VCCN Minisymposium Product Cleanliness 2021

This mini symposium will be completely in English.
ATTENTION: this mini symposium has a new date: May 20th 2021.

On Thursday May 20th, VCCN organizes the mini symposium Product Cleanliness.

Suppliers are increasingly being asked to deliver clean products to OEM companies (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Because there is a need for a definition of how clean the product must be, VCCN set up the Nano, Micro, Product Cleanliness project group in 2017. This working group consists of OEM companies, suppliers and knowledge companies. Soon after the working group started, there was a need to develop a guideline so that everyone speaks the same language with regard to product cleanliness. With the help of OEM companies, who set requirements for the cleanliness of the product, they are energetically working on drawing up VCCN Guideline 12.

In this mini-symposium, experts present the progress of VCCN Guideline 12 and provide substantive contributions. The speakers will be:

  • Koos Agricola, project manager VCCN Guideline 12
  • Philip van Beek, Contamination Q&A, VCCN
  • Max van de Berg, Festo
  • Rients de Groot, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Paul Krüsemann, Eurofins Material Science Netherlands B.V.
  • Freek Molkenboer, TNO
  • Olof Teulings, NTS Mechatronics
  • Dirk Trienekens, ASML Netherlands B.V.

The chairman of the day is Philip van Beek, co-initiator of the Nano, Micro, Product Cleanliness project group. 



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