Cleanroom Cleaning Course

The participants will become conscious of the impact that sanitising a room has on the processes and products which the special room is laid out for. The main goals of this course are learning how to choose and interpret sanitising techniques and setting up cleaning schemes. Another vital part of this course exists out of the treatment of different types of cleaning techniques. The possible types of metrics being used to judge the success of such cleaning techniques will also be explained.


€ 350 VCCN-leden € 550 niet-leden


Op alle VCCN Cursussen zijn onze cursusvoorwaarden van toepassing. 

General information

  • English
  • No specific prior education is required
  • Teachings of very adequate teachers

Course can also be given inhouse in the case of which there are enough participants (Costs are determined by request)

Target audience

This course is developed for the designers and (executives) leaders of the cleaning staff responsible for the sanitising rooms, cleanrooms or other special rooms. Other people within the target audience are people who are responsible for the processes of the management of the cleanroom.

Extra information

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