Training Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC) – GMP

09:30 uur - 17:00 uur

Biotech Training Facility

To make the people working in a cleanroom aware of their influence on the air quality in a clean room, VCCN set up the training Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC) – GMP. During this training, participants learn about the strict requirements that are set for entering cleanrooms.

Participants will have the opportunity to see a working GMP facility, both on the cleanroom side and on the facility side.

By following this basis course they will understand why those strict requirements are necessary. The training Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC)-GMP is a prerequisite for anyone who has or will have to deal with the stay or work in a cleanroom occasionally or intensively. This course is also an important refresher course for all (intensive) cleanroom users and tests the acquired knowledge and skills, so that the conditions for optimal behavior in the cleanroom are met.

General information

  • The training is in English
  • No specific training required
  • Lesson from very experienced teacher, lesson day from 09.30 am to 5 pm
  • Location: BTF in Leiden
  • The course can also be given in-house with sufficient participation (costs on request).
  • Up tot 22 people to achieve maximum interaction between teacher and participants

Course price (excl. 21% VAT)
For members VCCN  €  350
For non-members     €  550

Course content
The following aspects are discussed:
  • Product damage risks
  • Particles: » dust and germ development » behavior » fabric technology
  • Man as a source of contamination · Clothing · Behavior and discipline before and during presence in a cleanroom · Procedures, workplace control and communication.
  • Cleaning aspects.

Target audience
The training Cleanroom Behavior Course (CGC) is intended for anyone who:

  • for the first time comes into contact with the field of cleanrooms;
  • has to go into a cleanroom for his work and wants to make known through a VCCN issued badge (the Cleanroompas® that a course has been successfully passed;
  • to increase his or her knowledge in the area of surface contamination;
  • to further explore specific cleanroom knowledge through follow-up courses of the VCCN in the various sub-areas.

Certificate/CleanroomPas®/Company register 
The course day ends with a test. In case of a positive result, the student receives a certificate and the CleanroomPas® in the form of a badge. This personal CleanroomPas® with passport photo has an end date.

The purpose of this CleanroomPas® is that:  

  • the manager of a cleanroom knows that the wearer has taken note of the requirements and obligations regarding the access to and stay in cleanrooms.
  • mentioning the date of issue on the CleanroomPas® gives the administrator of the cleanroom the possibility to set requirements for the validity period of the  CleanroomPas®
  • the student is entitled to participate in a refresher course and follow-up courses of the VCCN.

In addition, the participating students receive a certificate of participation and  VCCN registers these students with the company name in the ICCCS Register. The ICCCS Register can be found on the VCCN website.

Further information 
For more information about the course, course dates, course fees or information about these or other courses, please call: + 31 (0)88 401 06 50 or mail to

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